One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Our Mission:

Open hearts.

Opening minds, hearts, and doors to the rich educational and research opportunities of India.

Manodharma partners at Mahasemam

Discover India with our Immersion Programs

We are offering four fully-funded Immersion Programs in June/July 2019 for faculty and leaders of academic institutions, Indian diaspora community, and philanthropic organizations in the U.S. to meet and connect with inspiring founders and visionaries of social and educational organizations across India. Manodharma has been fostering such connections to create transformative study-abroad experiences for the last 13 years.

Come join us and we promise to challenge your intellectual preconceptions, to stir your heart, and to open your eyes to the rich tapestry of Indian contexts in its myriad dimensions.

Learn about our Summer 2019 programs.


what we do


Open your classroom to opportunities of India


Immersion programs 2019

Manodharma offers Immersion Programs for a 2-week trip to India to explore potential partnerships in education, research, service and entrepreneurship.


Our partners

Over the past 14 years, Manodharma has established partnerships with some of India’s most selfless service and innovative organizations working in the fields of special needs, public health, social entrepreneurship, housing, performing arts and others.

A tribute to a friend

In 2018, Manodharma lost a dear friend in Shekar Kulkarni- the founder of one of our partner organizations and a man who embodied in every way the spirit of generosity and human connection our programs promote.


In praise of travel grant program 2018

In 14 action-packed days, Manodharma shared a decade's worth of established relationships with extraordinary innovators making significant social impact across India.

 Manodharma does more than open doors; it fosters trust and collaboration.

- Marilyn Anthony, Fox School of Business, Temple University



Support the Manodharma mission


Foster transformation

We offer an all-expense-paid 2-week travel grant to the selected faculty for a transformative immersion trip to India to meet and experience the work of some of the very best nonprofits and academic institutions of India. But we need your support to do it.