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Our mission at Manodharma is to create a gateway to India. That’s why we offer full immersion travel grants for educators who are interested in forming academic, research, entrepreneurial, and service partnerships with award-winning Indian organizations.

Through our Faculty Immersion Programs, you’ll encounter the leaders of some of the very best nonprofits of India, including distinguished TED Talk speakers, a Gates Foundation award-winning healthcare program, and internationally-recognized social impact organizations in education, performing arts, microfinance, housing, and special needs. Immersed in the contexts and challenges of our partner organisations, you’ll emerge inspired to use these lessons in the classroom and beyond.

So far, Manodharma’s model of engagement has enabled over 1,400 faculty and students to experience this transformation. Get in touch, and find out how you and your students could benefit from learning in India.



Faculty and international education professionals

Manodharma is interested in identifying committed faculty known for their teaching excellence who are eager to explore an international dimension to their own interests that have the potential to benefit a broad group of their students and other faculty on their campus. We also welcome applications from international education professionals who work on developing or delivering study abroad programs. Prior background in an Indian language, its culture or history is not a requirement.

Funding your travel

All expenses paid within India

Our travel grants are intended to promote US-India engagement by supporting inspired and passionate global faculty to explore their own teaching and research interests in a cross-cultural context driven by social responsibility.

The travel grant covers all expenses within India, including single occupancy lodging, meals, weekend tourism and economy air and road travel. Including all personnel costs and overhead recovery, the value of this grant is estimated to be between $8-10K/person, depending on the number of participants.

Learn more about the Educator Travel Grant Experience

See a presentation from our July 2018 Educator Travel Program by one of our participants, Reggie Sinha.


Immersion Programs
Summer 2019    

Food in context: Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Food Security & Markets

June 1 - 15, 2019

Meet one of the leading hospitality schools of Bangalore, learn about South Indian cuisine in a Master Chef's kitchen, and and see firsthand the midday meal program responsible for feeding 1.8 million school children a day in poor settings.

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Sites: Bangalore & Coorg Mountains
Organizations include: GEMS-B MBA Hospitality Program, The Cooking Studio, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, and the Delhi Public School North



June 8 - 22, 2019
Rural medical practitioners make up 80% of outpatient care in India and this program will not only introduce you to outstanding organizations in rural and tribal health services, but also institutions devoted  to education, special needs, women's health, and a mid-day meal program.

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Cities: Pune, Bangalore, Mysore & Nagpur
Organizations include: Jamkhed, KEM Hospital Vadu, SEARCH, SVYM, IPH India, PAC India, Akshaya Patra, Bubbles Autism Center, and DPS North


Social Change & Entrepreneurship

June 15 - 29, 2019
Delegates will explore social enterprises that have developed exceptional models of success at scale in the fields of special education, micro-finance, healthcare, research, and cultural studies.

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Cities: Chennai, Madurai, and Pondicherry
Organization inclue: Sevalaya, Penn Nalam, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, Aravind Eyecare, MMHRC, Mahasemam, Mahatma Schools, Akshaya Patra, Pondicherry University, Satya Special School, Samugam, Help Age India


ART, ARCHITECTURE & Housing of central india

June 29 - July 13, 2019
The tour will combine art, architecture, housing, landscape and sustainability. Explore the award-winning eco-architecture firm, research institutes, and performing artists that are transforming India's cities.

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Cities: Hyderabad, Cochin & Munnar
Organizations include: ICFAI School of Architecture, ICFAI Case Research and Initiative on Internationalization, Niraj Public School, Shankarananda Kalakshetra, Murty and Manyam Architects, Inspiration

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Manodharma is fortunate to be partnering with several organizations devoted to selfless service. In consultation with our partners, Manodharma meticulously plans every aspect of the immersion program experience. This year, four such programs are being planned. We can’t wait to welcome you on-board.

Raj Rajagopal, Founder, Manodharma
Prof. Emeritus Raj Rajagopal is the Program Architect with overall responsibility for all Manodharma Programs