Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation

Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) is a not for profit organization that promotes inclusivity. Through adaptive adventure and sports activities, we provide opportunities for people (with and without disability) to come together and experience the adrenaline and camaraderie that only sport has to offer. By spending time outdoors together, we hope to achieve two things –

  1. Spread awareness that the spirit of adventure is not impeded by disability

  2. Ward off common misconceptions about disability that stem from ignorance and feed popular social stereotypes.

 ABBF was founded by Divyanshu Ganatra - a clinical psychologist and corporate facilitator by profession, adventure sportsperson by passion and a self-made social entrepreneur. He also happens to be India's first blind solo paragliding pilot.

Through our outdoor sessions and collaborations, we aim to provide more visibility for people with disability, promoting an environment of openness, sensitivity and empathy. Currently we participate in a range of adventure activities including marathons and running events, tandem cycling, scuba diving, paragliding, trekking and mountaineering.

 Across verticals, we were also able to reach out to over 200,000 people from the mainstream community and over 4000 Persons with Disability in the past year funding the entire cause on our own.

 Currently, we have received our 80G certificate. Hence, we call on the powerful agents of change to collaborate with us in our cause to make this world a better place. The various ways in which we could pave a way through are Donations, CSR funding, engaging in the various activities with us to bring about a change in the mindsets of the people.