Mahatma Schools

Mahatma Schools of Madurai (MS) was conceived in 1983 with a vision of creating great souls with all round development. The name Mahatma meaning ‘Maha – Great; Atma- Souls’, was started to bring in world class education with international dimension. The school, from 25 children in 1983 has grown to educating 12000 students in 7 branches in Madurai. This growth was made possible through hard work and god’s grace.

We have seven schools in Madura delivering different curriculum – The state curriculum (Equitable State Curriculum), the National Curriculum (CBSE) and the International Curriculum (CAIE).  

The latest school is the Mahatma Global Gateway Cambridge International.   Our international educational programmes lead seamlessly from Kindergarten through primary years. Every child is unique, and so should be their education.

The syllabus has a proven reputation for tuning every mind to an International rhythm for University, Life and employment. We take effort to retain their individuality in every facet towards development. A child should progress not only in mind but also at soul and heart and therefore, every crumb of learning is made edible through our teaching expertise. Our mentors are well equipped to promulgate an education of ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ helping to savour every learning process as expected by the Cambridge standards.

Our objective is to provide an education lucid enough for comprehension, to expand channels of knowledge beyond four walls and justify every learning process through pragmatic methods.

This globe which is inflating at a rapid pace requires much humaneness to avoid deflation at the hands of materialism. Young minds should be given both time and space for the earliest realization of a Creative, Illustrative and Secular Education through Enlightenment. We work in giving the best to our children.