Sevalaya serves the poor, orphan and destitute children and senior citizens and works for rural development. All the services are rendered free, without any discrimination on the basis of caste/creed/religion/language/gender etc.

The vision of Sevalaya is to serve the rural poor and transform them for an equitable, happy and fulfilled society with an improved quality of life.

Thanks to the free education offered by Sevalaya many students from poor families have successfully completed higher education and are well placed as software engineers, bankers, teachers/professors, police, and doctors. For those who could not pursue higher studies for various reasons, Sevalaya’s community colleges offer life skills training in various fields to help them earn their living.

The future plan of Sevalaya is to open more community colleges in various locations and the long term goal is to open a state of the art free university offering high quality education and research opportunities absolutely free of cost to the poor and underprivileged students.