REVA School of Performing Arts


REVA is a private university established in 2012 and is located in Bengaluru on a 45-acre campus. REVA University offers 33 undergraduate and 24 graduate programs, 2 part-time graduate programs and several certificate & diploma programs spread across the fields of engineering, architecture, science & technology, commerce, management studies, law, arts & humanities and performing arts.

In a heavily stem-oriented REVA campus, it is refreshing to see a rich diversity of performing arts programs comprising music, dance and theater arts, like never before. The aim of such programs is to bring a holistic view to the process of learning in higher education. The School of Performing Arts at REVA offers diplomas and degrees in the arts such as MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) and Ph. D programs. The REVA syllabi are world- class by any standard and are also benchmarked to rigorous standards. The School of Performing Arts is built with an aspiration for excellence, integration, synthesis, and holism. The school has plans for collaborating with universities abroad on a variety of exchange programs, so as to include students, teachers, scholars, researchers, and internationally acclaimed practitioners.


Dr. Vasanth Kiran who serves as the Director of the School of Performing Arts at Reva University, is a multidisciplinary artist, social scientists, and human resource management expert. He describes himself as a scholar of Indian classical art, who specializes in art history, aesthetics, and choreography. He is an excellent nattuvanar (in Bharatanatyam dance, it is keeper of the movement for aesthetics, something like a conductor of a western orchestra) who manages the rhythm or the beat in choreography. He has gone through rigorous training under renowned gurus of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, and has toured over 25 countries performing with his students around the globe. He holds two M. Phils, an MBA, and two PhDs.