Battery Dance

Battery Dance, founded and led by American choreographer Jonathan Hollander, has built a thriving cultural bridge between India and the U.S. For nearly three decades, Battery has introduced American audiences to some of the leading exponents of Indian classical dance and music, and has helped to create a fertile ground for contemporary experimentation and collaboration by creative artists in India and the U.S. 

Founded in 1976, Battery has created and performed over 100 innovative dance works that have been presented in venues as diverse as opera houses, outdoor platforms, art galleries and salons.  Exemplifying its mission of providing access to the arts to all people, Battery Dance Festival, New York City’s longest-running dance festival, introduces large public audiences to a plethora of dance from all over the world each summer in lower Manhattan.

Dancing to Connect, Battery’s celebrated creativity workshop that has been conducted in 60 countries around the world, has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.  Target groups have including the disabled, traumatized and economically deprived communities and has served as a means of building trust between refugees and natives in 26 cities across Germany, Roma and Romanians in Bucharest, Protestants and Catholics in Belfast and Palestinians and Israelis.