Bubbles Centre for Autism

Biswa Gowri Charitable trust runs Bubbles Centre for Autism (BCA), a school and intervention center located in a spacious, airy building, which provides educational and developmental interventions for children in the Autism spectrum.

Bubbles Centre for Autism started in 2003 as a small integrated pre-school and has since grown into a highly reputed and thriving center, providing over 40 children and their families with a very valuable service. We are anticipating that we will expand the service to cater for 60 + children in the future.

Bubbles currently works with children aged 4 to 16, all who are on the Autism spectrum and who have a range of special learning needs. BCA has taken up initiatives for skill trainings of young adults above 16 years to create a valuable social role for them in an inclusive community.

Vision: To make a positive difference in the quality of life of any child or adult touched by Autism.
Mission: To respect each child as a worthy individual and to help them go on to become a self reliant and productive member of society.