Inspiration combines a team of architects, project management personnel, planners, infrastructure engineers, structural engineers, interior and product designers, landscape designers,  horticulturists, trained artisans and technicians – all under one roof. With over 20 years of experience in the field of ecology and economy sensitive designs and constructions, Inspiration today enjoys a niche clientele in the field – ranging from individuals, business houses / corporates, Government departments and NGOs – who aspire for sensitively designed habitat and environs.

In 1988, Jaigopal, passionately influenced by personal interactions with Laurie Baker, initiated an NGO pioneering sustainable development in the built environment sector; a number of architects and engineers joined and it became a ‘design- build’ group.

After initial enthusiasm and youthful energy, this group paved the way to a number of now well-known groups - ‘Inspiration’ with Latha and Jaigopal as Principal Designers, being prominent among them.    

‘Sustainable design-build’ especially for houses and small buildings was the work philosophy we started with. While the core of the idea still remains, the approach has got better defined, details better refined.

Today Inspiration has an interdisciplinary strength in planning, architectural design, structural design, utilities design, interiors, landscape, project management, crafts and artisanal skills.  We have reach of a network of eminent professionals from all over the country and abroad in subjects including total water management, renewable energy, bamboo constructions, adaptive restoration of heritage buildings etc.

‘Swa Swara’, a high end Yoga retreat and Spa in Gokarna, India is one which has brought us number of accolades. It proved that with simple materials like laterite, coconut thatch, red oxide and terracotta flooring implemented with best artisanal skills and scientific rain harvesting, waste treatment etc. seamlessly integrated into the landscape, high value world class living spaces are possible, which can give handsome returns for the investors. Setting standards for several similar projects, it helped prove that sustainable development in a true sense can be investment friendly, when the right mix of aesthetics, technology and budget is carefully integrated.   

An exciting challenge Inspiration is now working with the decision makers and community of Alappuzha, Kerala, India is to rejuvenate the canal network through an approach integrating water management, storm water drainage, sanitation, solid and liquid waste management and needs of the deprived sections of  population along with creation of several thousand green jobs.

Moving forward, we hope to trend pioneering participative and inclusive projects in the sector of sustainable built environment in varied locations and contexts.