The Cooking Studio

The Cooking Studio is our ode to the love of cooking and food. Julia Child said it best, “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it”. The Studio is our way to keep our passion running high and igniting yours.

With a varied range of cooking and baking courses covering various cuisines and techniques, the cooking studio has something for everyone. We aim to be THE LEARNING DESTINATION for all culinary enthusiasts. We encourage our students to experiment and innovate with their cooking skills, so that they get a hands-on learning experience and develop their own cooking style.

Whether you’re a rookie or an expert, The Cooking Studio has something on the stove for everyone!

Over the last 8 months we have travelled the world via our workshops! From Italy to the Orient and Mexican to French Desserts, our workshops extending from 3-4 hours/day have taught it all to those eager to learn.  With the faculty working on designing a 5 moth diploma course we will soon be able to cater to those looking for a serious career in the world of food.

The Cooking Studio believes that the love for food transcends all barriers and with that belief we reach out to those who have an undying passion for food but not all the opportunity they need, to get in touch with The Cooking Studio so we can open doors to their future.

To know more about us and our workshops you can call us on 080-26561314 or Call/WhatsApp us on +91 73495 25913. You can also find and follow us on:


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