Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Center

The mission of Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Center (MMHRC) is simple: World class care within everyone’s reach.

The hospital is run by the S. R. Trust, a public charitable non-profit organization founded by Dr. N. Sethuraman, recipient of Dr. B. C. Roy National Award for his Medical Social Services, who made a medical paradigm shift in health care.  Since 1985, the Trust has continued to grow, develop and improve the services for numerous constituencies including women and children in need, education, social and financial services, and volunteer services. The Trust has a record of collaboration with several US-based educational institutions and also with a local pioneer, Mahatma Schools, in K-12 education.  

In 2016, MMHRC and its plastic surgeon Dr. Panchavarnam were recognized by the Rare Achievement Award by Singapore Tamil Sangam for having completed 10,000 cleft lip and palette surgeries.

Thank you so much for all of your help, time, and patience with us. We are extremely grateful for this learning opportunity. We look forward to applying what we learned here throughout our medical careers. The memories we have made will truly last forever.
— 2013-14 University of Iowa students