Satya Special School

Story of Satya

Satya Special School was founded in 2003. The genesis of the organization was the experience of a 13-year-old girl with disabilities who was found tied and locked up in a badly ventilated room for 8 hours every day. Her mother, a laborer had no means or support to look after the girl leading to this dire situation. Sadly, this mirrors the condition of so many children and adults with disabilities across India, who may be the most ignored section of our society today. Fueled by the desire to ‘reach the unreached’, Satya was set up to serve as an integrated center for disability rehabilitation in Pondicherry. Apart from providing free and quality rehabilitation services to the socioeconomically weak and the underprivileged, Satya is working tirelessly towards making CWSNs as independent as possible and alleviating the social stigma that affects these individuals and their families.

Satya Today

It has been a long and arduous yet heartening journey for Satya. Today, we not only stand as change agents in the field of disability management but are also pioneering a number of unique initiatives in the Union territory of Pondicherry. Currently, we cater to over 764 children with special needs through various services with over 106 staff members. We function in 4 urban and 3 rural centers. Our Mobile therapy unit covers 44 rural villages of Pondicherry by providing home-based services to over 124 disabled children. We are partnering with several organizations and universities like the University of Oregon in developing and implementing our Early Intervention Childhood Program that has been successfully running for three years. Apart from our current work, in the coming year we wish to create a remedial center for learning disabilities, expand our livelihood program further and delve deeper into the field of research. 

Working with several national and international organizations SSS has pioneered the development of early childhood intervention programs and unique learner initiatives. The teaching and administrative staff of Satya Special School is eager learners and dedicated teachers who work very hard to implement each newly acquired best practice technique in their classrooms. They have made great strides and continue to improve their skills and grow as professionals. SSS runs a day school, a center for multiple disabilities, center for autism, center for early intervention, a vocational training center, play therapy and play park, sports for the disabled, community rehabilitation program, and a mobile therapy unit.