Penn Nalam

Penn Nalam is a nonprofit organization with goals set to maximize cancer awareness programmes with simultaneous cancer screening programmes for women from various walks of life. The services include cancer awareness programmes, cancer-screening camps, cancer chemotherapy, diagnostics such as Mammography, Ultrasound, Colposcopy along with alternate therapies such as yoga and health counseling.

We offer comprehensive treatment along with low-priced diagnosis to cancer-affected women belonging to middle and lower strata of society especially cancer chemotherapy for breast & gynaecological cancers. Concentration shall be on women who cannot afford corporate hospitals. 

Penn Nalam devotes nearly 30% of its clinical time for Cancer Awareness Programme with our main aim to prevent, control and early detect cancer diseases.  The motto is “To save lives of women from cancer on time”.

A vast majority of women in our part of the world do not present for medical care early enough due to various reasons such as illiteracy, lack of awareness and financial constraints. Consequently, the majority of breast cancers are diagnosed at a very advanced stage making the mortality very high.

In order to intensify our initiative to reach out to the very door-step of the deserving, we have implemented a Mobile Screening Program to do mammographic and cervical cancer screening in and around Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

The project aims to screen sexually active women from age 26 onwards for Cervical Cancer and Pap smear screening is offered. Mammographic screening for breast cancer is offered to women starting from age 40. Our working plan is to screen 6000 women.

The Benefits of Mobile Screening Programme

  • Service availability at doorstep saves your time. Need not miss work, and save travel cost.

  • It helps the person to be encouraged to undergo screening with their friends without fear.

  • The Screening charges low and affordable.

  • Reports distributed at the doorstep with the Doctors advice and Prescription.

Chennai Breast Cancer Research Foundation (CBCRF)

We are in the process of setting up a State of the Art hospital called Chennai Breast Cancer Research Foundation (CBCRF) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with a concept of “All under one roof”.