Manik Engineers

MANIK Engineers is a family-operated business and one of the most reputed brands in India with 30 years of history for manufacturing various valves, controls, and regulators for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. MANIK Engineers markets over 70 successful products in India and abroad.

Shekar Kulkarni, founder of Manik Engineers, was a strong advocate for the practice of reverse engineering for import substitution. This process involves deconstructing and analyzing a product, assembling a prototype in India, and crafting a superior service-oriented business around it.

Manik Engineers have demonstrated how trade balance could be achieved through this method and reduce expensive imports of products into India. To promote such concepts, Shekhar has delivered numerous lectures and seminars across India for professionals and invited them to visit Manik Engineers production sites in Pune to see first-hand the fruits of such innovation.

Manik Engineers and the Kulkarni family have also set up an endowment in support of such causes that were near and dear to Shekhar’s heart.

Quality products are manufactured at low costs with the aim of substituting current high cost imports. MANIK products are very popular in beverages and breweries, pharmaceuticals, chemical, bulk drug, dyes, dairy, food, nylon and textile Industry.

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