Development Alternatives

Development Alternatives (DA) is a premier social enterprise with a global presence in the fields of green economic development, social empowerment and environmental management.  It is one of the leading Think Tanks in the field of Sustainable Development.

DA is credited with numerous innovations in clean technology and delivery systems that help create sustainable livelihoods in the developing world. DA focuses on empowering communities through strengthening people’s institutions and facilitating their access to basic needs. It enables economic opportunities through skill development for green jobs and enterprise creation and promotes greener pathways for development through natural resource management models and clean technology solutions. DA delivers environment friendly and economically viable eco-solutions to communities, entrepreneurs, government and corporate agencies through measures that foster the creation of sustainable livelihoods in large numbers.

Development Alternatives drives strategic change through Innovation of eco-solutions, Incubation of enterprise based business approaches, demonstration and capacity building for Implementation of solutions at scale and the Influence of policies for sustainable development. 

  • Vision: A world where every citizen can live a secure, healthy and fulfilling life, in harmony with nature. 

  • Mission: To create models that generate sustainable livelihoods in large numbers.

  • Approach: Innovation, Implementation and Influence to create large scale impact.

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